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Get the Florida Fidelity Edge and save time, reduce stress, and make better deals when you buy, sell and lease real estate in Southwest Florida.

The Key to Real Estate Success

Florida Fidelity Realty Advisors, Inc. understands that every real estate decision affects your success. To make real estate decisions that support business and personal goals, today's real estate client demands more than market information, self-promoting broker signs and order taker agents. In today's complex real estate marketplace, the professional who creates the most value for a client is the professional most qualified by education, experience, and expertise to turn information into: knowledge, in the form of insight, advice, counsel, negotiation, and transaction management.

Florida Fidelity Realty Advisors, Inc., a licensed Florida real estate broker company, is uniquely qualified to provide its clients an unrivaled source of comprehensive real estate advisory and brokerage services.

A Better Way: The Florida Fidelity Edge

The Florida Fidelity Team gives you the edge by means of our Team's more than a century of combined experience as real estate professionals and real estate attorneys.  The Florida Fidelity Team provides extraordinary and comprehensive real estate advisory and brokerage services to support each client's unique investment goals and business plan; and in addition, the Florida Fidelity Team navigates the entire complex process with worry free transaction management.  The result for our clients:  a better way to achieve real estate success with less time, fewer hassles and less risk.

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